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Our Mission

At CrossFit Ampersand we are the HAPPY GYM! Everything we do stems from our belief in helping improve people’s lives through proven methods and FUN. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, improve your quality of life, or train for a race/competition, we are here to help you reach your goal.

Our primary mission is to help YOU improve your life…

We not only offer CrossFit classes, but also On-Ramp, Nutrition Coaching, Personal Training, Functional Wellness, along with seminars, stress management, sleep and much more!

CrossFit Ampersand is a functional fitness gym located on Airport Road in Minden, NV. Our team is composed of the most highly qualified professionals in the Carson Valley. Let us help you reach your goals!


Meet the coaches




Jeff's passion is to see people's lives changed. "I realized that doing the normal routine doesn't allow for growth and had to go find something different, and fun. That's when I found CrossFit. I grew up playing team sports and when I experienced the camaraderie of suffering through a WOD together, I was hooked." After seeing what CrossFit did for his life and his wife's, he continued his fitness education and became a CF-L1 trainer and opened his own box in order to give others this same experience. Jeff currently is a CrossFit Level 2 trainer and is continually seeking knowledge to better serve his athletes.

Jeff also is a martial arts instructor and has been practicing the art of American Kenpo since he could walk. Studying under his father Scott and their mentor Paul Mills of the American Kenpo Karate International, Jeff has traveled across the US sharing his love of the arts and fitness.

Jeff's favorite job is being a husband to his wife Harmony and father to his little boy Judah. Most importantly Jeff loves Jesus, and is thankful for His grace.



Harmony is a native Nevadan who grew up hiking, biking, camping, and skiing from the time she could walk. She ran track and cross-country in high school and continued running throughout college, winning her first half marathon in 2010. In 2011, a knee injury halted her running and she switched to strength training. Harmony found CrossFit while attempting to regain strength and mobility after knee surgery. She quickly grew to love it and has been training and coaching ever since.

Harmony is passionate about helping people find a happy and healthy balance for their life through exercise & nutrition. She is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, PN1 Nutrition Coach, and a Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticsm Coach.

Harmony is also a photographer, avid reader, follower of Jesus, dog lover, and health enthusiast. She is madly in love with her husband Jeff and their little boy Judah.


Juan Carlos

Hi I'm JuanCarlos Camacho (JC, JuanLos, Juan, Carlos)

Passions: I love the outdoors. Really into rock climbing snowboarding mountain biking bouldering, camping, backpacking, soccer, and CrossFit

CrossFit: I was born and raised in South Lake Tahoe California. Growing up in Tahoe I played many sports but mainly focused on competitive Soccer until college. I was missing out on many other sports and activities in life due to focusing on one sport. I stopped playing and told myself I wanted to try everything and be really good at everything (jack of all trades). In 2012 my older brother got me into CrossFit, and I was hooked ever since! I've been doing CrossFit for about 3-4 years.

I love the challenges CrossFit brings mentally and physically. The reason I wanted to coach is because I know from first hand how a coach can make just a positive an impact on others. It's awesome to see people dig deep and realize what they're true potential can be. We are all more capable of way more than we believe in all aspects of life.

"We can recapture and rekindle our true human potentials to be as strong, on all levels, as we can be."



Hi I'm Marshall! I am 48 years old and have lived in Douglas County since 2004. My wife Buffy began CrossFit it 2008 and after a significant amount of coaxing, managed to get me through the doors around the end of 2009.

I acquired my CrossFit Level 1 certification in 2011 if I recall correctly.

About three years ago, I began to train and compete exclusively in the Olympic lifts. In that time, I have received the USAW Sports Performance coach and the Advanced Sports Performance coach certifications. I received both of the USA Weightlifting certifications under the tutelage of Dave Spitz of California Strength whom I consider a mentor.

I am happiest with a barbell in my hands. I am looking forward to assisting people in their journeys towards fitness, competition or whatever path they choose.

See you at the Box!

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Hi I’m Elisha! But most people call me Eli. I was born in Lake Tahoe, but I’ve lived in Nevada my whole life. During my High School career, I played Football for 2 years and I wrestled for part of my Senior year. I took 2 years of a Weight Training class that implemented the CrossFit methodology. I am currently studying Kinesiology at the University of Nevada, Reno to become a physical therapist or athletic trainer.

I always like working out with other people and I am always ready to make a new friend! I’m a born again man who loves Jesus and I’m always seeking truth and knowledge through the Bible. My favorite hobby is photoshop and I like to draw cartoons from time to time.

CrossFit is my passion. I started CrossFit sometime during the summer of 2017. I used to be a bodybuilder who loved lifting weights, but I was lacking in so many other areas of my fitness. Then, one day, my weight training teacher showed our class a video called, “The Test of Fitness”(I highly recommend watching it). After watching the video, I was immediately hooked on CrossFit.

I completed my CrossFit Level 1 Course on January 27, 2019. I wanted to get into coaching because I love helping other people. I’ve found a new interest in helping athletes to improve their fitness and their lives for the future. I am constantly learning new things and always ready to help!



I was (almost) born and raised in South Lake Tahoe in the early 1970's. I played "sports" with the kids down the street in the vacant lot, climbing rocks and trees, for hours! The only organized sports available to girls back then were swim team, ski team, and tennis. We couldn't afford the ski team, so I swam for almost ten years for the city of South Lake Tahoe, and for my high school, South Tahoe High. I also spent my four years of high school on the nordic ski team, where you "don't become king of the mountain by riding a chair lift." In college, I tried out for and made the lightweight varsity boat for the crew team. I was the "Stroke"...the first rower in the boat of eight that set the tempo for the rest of the team. I LOVED rowing! I would have continued with rowing had I not had the opportunity to study in Grenoble, France my junior year in college. In France, I tried to stay fit, in between bites of baguette and yummy cheese! However, I did coach a local swim team while I lived in Grenoble.

After college, I moved back to Tahoe and started teaching English at South Tahoe High School and French at Lake Tahoe Community College. I coached the high school's nordic ski team for a few years, but then left the high school and taught only at the junior college. We raised two active daughters in South Lake Tahoe. Between skiing, soccer, swimming, horseback riding, and hiking, we were never bored. However, my husband must have thought otherwise because in 2009, he and his two friends opened South Tahoe CrossFit.

Initially, I thought CrossFit was a joke. How could anyone get a workout in a four minute Tabata or a 12 minute AMRAP? Well, the joke was on me. After a few workouts, I was hooked. It is the variation and functionality of the exercises that kept my attention, but the community that is created between members was and still is the reason why I CrossFit. In 2010 I got my Level 1 cert., and then in 2012, I got my Level 2 and a Mobility certificate from CrossFit. I loved coaching, managing, and organizing events for and at our gym. We held several competitions and fundraisers for our region and community. A few years ago, I even won the Masters level at a regional competition! However, in 2017, we decided to sell our partnership to one of our awesome trainers because we had moved down to the valley and we couldn't give as much time to the gym as we used to.

I discovered CFAmpersand when my daughter started the Douglas Girls Lacrosse Club in 2017. She had asked me to coach the team, and we desperately needed some dry-land training. I approached Jeff and Harmony with our need and they graciously allowed us to use the facility for the two years I coached my daughter's team. From box jumps to burpees, those high school girls strangely looked forward to our time in the gym! While I no longer coach lacrosse, I have continued to stay active. Last fall I completed my first Spartan race, the Beast, at Squaw Valley. That race made me realize that I needed to increase my fitness, so I joined CFA. It was difficult getting to the gym this winter, but when Jeff and Harmony asked if I was interested in coaching again, things started to get back into focus for me. After I emphatically said, "Yes!" I realized that I had let my certificates expire last October...So, I will be taking my coaching certs again this month!

Thanks to Jeff and Harmony, and all the CFA members I've met these past few months. CrossFit Ampersand is a fantastic community of supportive members . You are the reason why we keep coming back day after day, difficult workout after difficult workout.

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My name is Isaiah. I have grown up in Gardnerville and have loved it! I am a home boy and it is hard for me to think of calling anywhere else home. I have a big family and many friends some of which are as close as family.

I have been doing Crossfit since May of 2018 and have loved it. I have worked out for many years, but it wasn’t until last year (2018) that I decided to try Crossfit. I have been having fun with it ever since. I got my Crossfit Level 1 within a few months of starting Crossfit, because I knew that I wanted to coach someday.

It is refreshing to watch people at the gym crush their goals and push themselves to be better at life. I look forward to seeing more of that as Crossfit Ampersand grows and flourishes.



Hello! My name is Renay. I was born in Reno and raised in Gardnerville. I enjoy keeping myself busy with a variety of activities. I’ve always been into fitness and after spending a few years doing my own thing in a gym, I decided to give CrossFit a try.

I joined CrossFit Ampersand in April 2017. Best decision ever! The camaraderie and the progression I saw and felt was amazing. After about six months of doing CrossFit I knew I wanted to one day become a coach to help others become stronger mentally and physically and to help them achieve goals. That dream became a reality in June 2018 when I received my CrossFit Level 1 Certification.

My passion in life has always been to help others. I love seeing the progress our athletes make and look forward to continuing this adventure for years to come.