Ampersand Athlete Weightlifting

3-Day a week supplemental training program

This training program is a 3-day a week program designed to aid all levels of athletes to improve their Olympic weightlifting. The coaches will be focusing on progressional weightlifting skills, accessory work, as well as technique drills to increase the efficiency of the lifts. The program can be an add on to your current training program be a stand-alone program as well! We are taking a minimum of 5 participants for this program and a maximum of 10. So please encourage your buddies to sign up and make sure you get your spot before it fills up!

  • Cost is $99
  • 5 Week Training cycle
  • 3 days a week of programming done by Ampersand Weightlifting coachs, Marshall Flagg & Brian (Groot) Banbury.
  • Facebook Group Access - moderated by Marshall & Brian.
  • Focus on the Clean & Jerk and the Snatch.
  • Includes programming of accessory and supplemental work to improve positioning and increase strength.
  • Improve lifts to better perform in CrossFit workouts.