Humble, Hungry, and Happy

For the month of May, we want to encourage everyone to work on being humble, hungry, and happy. 

Many of you already embody these characteristics, but we wanted to share why we feel these three characteristics can help you have a better experience in the gym and improve your workouts.


Be Humble

Athletes that are humble are willing to accept feedback. They see feedback as a way to improve their form, their workout, or their knowledge. It means being coachable and approachable. Being humble also means approaching your workouts with virtuosity -- meaning focus on technique over weight. That might mean scaling workouts in order to maintain the intent of the workout.

Be Hungry

Athletes who are hungry have the determination and commitment to get better. What we do at CrossFit is not easy. But we are hungry to push through the workout for the reward at the end. 

Be Happy

Athletes that are happy don't complain, are open minded, and are positive.  Happy and positive people perform at their best --- and they also find joy in the daily workouts. Being happy means enjoying the process rather than looking to the final achievement to be happy. When you lose 5lbs you'll be happy, but then you'll instantly be hoping to lose 5 more. Or when you reach your goal of squatting 250lbs you'll be excited, but you're instantly going to want to hit 300lbs. Achievement happiness doesn't last. You should still set goals! But try to learn to find happiness in the journey - by focusing on gratitude, giving back (time not money), and relationships.

So now that you know what our three focuses for the month encompass, how can you practically apply them?

How to be Humble, Hungry, and Happy this month:

1. Be coachable - accept feedback from your coach and try to implement it

2. Pick one goal to work on this month (maybe its pull-ups, maybe its improving your running), and do a little extra credit each day before/after/outside class.

3. Keep the gym a complaint free zone. 

4. Focus on your mindset: why are you here? To get fitter, to be healthier, to perform well?

5. Change any statement where you say "I have to" into "I get to" -- for example: "I have to go the gym tonight" into "I get to go to the gym tonight."

6. Each day, write or say 3 things you're grateful and try not to repeat anything over the month!

Have a fantastic humble, hungry, and happy month!!!