How to Avoid the Summer Slump

We get it. Summer rolls around and the temperature peaks and the last thing you want to do is head to the gym and get even sweatier. Here's 3 ways to stay motivated and keep your exercise routine up in the hot weather this summer.

1) Workout in the cooler hours of the day

The hottest hours of the day are usually midday through the afternoon. Why not switch things up and try joining an early morning class (our 5:30am class has the perfect weather through summer!)

2) Mix up your training

Throw a day swimming at the pool or a beach workout with friends in every couple weeks. Stay tuned for CrossFit Ampersand's beach WODs up at Lake Tahoe later this year! 

Or opt for workout movements that cool you off while you move - like the airbike! 

3) Drink more water and make it fun

Sweating is good for you (and can help you burn extra fat), but you want to make sure you replenish the liquids you lose. Buy yourself a new water bottle or try adding frozen fruit instead of ice cubes to flavor the water. 


Want to see if CrossFit Ampersand has a routine you can try out this summer?