Katie Dorsey

I first came to CrossFit 2 years ago because of a promotion they were running and I thought it would be nice to get out of the house. When I first walked in, I was super nervous. First, I hadn’t worked out in over two years and second because it seemed like everyone in there knew what they were doing and I had never touched weights in my life. 

Today, I still walk in nervous, but also excited! Nervous because I know the workout will be hard and excited because now I know I can make it through. My first (and probably favorite) accomplishment at CrossFit Ampersand would be the friends that I made. When I first started at Ampersand, I was a stay at home mom and I had recently moved to the area and I didn’t know anyone. I was miserable. But the support and encouragement I felt walking in to Ampersand for the first time was overwhelming. Another big accomplishment was that I lost 50 lbs in my first year. I gained a lot of weight during my pregnancy. I was constantly tired and unmotivated to do anything and now I have more energy, feel better, and am able to keep up with my very active toddler!

Today, with support from the coaches and community at Ampersand, I am working on building better lifestyle habits. I'm currently doing the Whole Life Challenge with a group from the gym. We are halfway through and I am feeling great. 

I love that the coaches at Ampersand are always pushing us to be the best versions of ourselves and I cannot imagine life without this place!