Kickstart your HEALTH, boost your CONFIDENCE, & lose INCHES!

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STARTS January 14th!

Focus of the challenge: 

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Kickstart your nutrition

  • Get back on track after the holidays

  • Learn how much to eat, when to eat & how to manage cravings

  • Establish healthy lifestyle habits to support your goals

  • Discover a balanced nutrition strategy that will work for you long term

πŸ‘‡πŸΌWhat you get!πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

βœ” Nutrition Challenge Guide 

βœ” Accountability & challenge scoring via SugarWOD app

βœ” Access to a private Facebook group with recipes, tips, nutrition conversations and more!

βœ” Access to a REAL nutrition coach!

βœ” Ability to convert to ongoing nutrition coaching after the 28 days

βœ” Chance to win prizes valued at up to $399! 

βœ” Virtual kickoff seminar to get you ready for the challenge (Fri 1/11) 

βœ” A 4-week long challenge focused on building healthy nutrition habits that you can continue after the challenge ends!

βœ” 2 biometric body scans, measurements, and before/after photos to measure your progress

βœ” Goal setting guidance and review

βœ” Weekly nutrition educational videos

βœ” Weekly new healthy habits

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"I'm slowly learning not to care about other people’s opinions as much as my own health (what a concept!). I’m back to my 'old jeans' that are a size smaller than the ones I had to buy over the last few years or so. It's incredible how much a little accountability and a lot of coaching can help." - Julia

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"I feel better and am seeing progress at the gym. My relationship with food has changed. I don't see my food as restrictive. I see it as a way to nurture my body and accomplish my goals. I see this as something I can maintain for life. I am so grateful for this program and the flexibility and stability it provides." - Jill

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Katie's goal was to gain muscle and strength. The first change she noticed was an uptake in her energy level in her workouts and through her busy day. In the first two months she was able to do her first pull-up and rope climb and she set records for her deadlift, clean, overhead squat, and clean & jerk. By changing her nutrition she gave her body the energy it needed to reach those goals!

See Success With These 5 Steps!

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Click Below to Reserve Your Spot

Enter your info and a coach will reach out to you. You'll chat about your goals, current nutrition habits, and any questions you have. They'll also get you registered and scheduled to come in for your initial biometric scan & measurements!



Participate in Kickoff & Set Your Goals

Join us Friday 1/11 for our kickoff event and learn all the ins/outs of the challenge. Map out your priorities and get ready to tackle the 28 day challenge.  

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Follow our Challenge Guide

  • Learn how to fill your plate with nutritious food like green veggies, lean proteins, nourishing healthy carbs, and rich healthy fats.

  • Drink enough water to support your body’s hydration needs.

  • Give your body restful sleep to recover.

  • Exercise regularly throughout the week.

  • Practicing the weekly habit



Track Your Progress

Track your points daily. Use the app to keep you accountable! Earn points for food, water, exercise, sleep, the weekly habit, and extra credit opportunities! 



Repeat your biometric scans to see your progress!

Repeat and compare your scan, measurements and photos to when you started. Chat with our nutrition coach about your journey and how to adjust your goals as you move out of the challenge! 


Harmony Hilderbrand

Nutrition Coach and Owner at CrossFit Ampersand

Harmony is passionate about helping people reach their goals through Nutrition. She is a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Coach and has guided many to success through practical, easy to follow, personalized Nutrition Coaching. She is a mom to little Judah, loves fun coffee mugs and fuzzy blankets, and when you don't see her working out, you can find her wandering through Target or binge watching The Great British Bake Off or Chef's Table.

Are you ready to make a change?