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New Year New You – One Small Step at a Time


The possibilities are endless for what you can achieve and what can happen with the start of a new year. As a coach, it’s hard for us to not jump in with all of the resolution talk going around. So often we hear people saying they want to eat healthier or get more exercise. Those are great goals, but without specifics for what they want to achieve, it will lead to disappointment and quitting by the middle or end of January. 

Only about 9% of people achieve their New Year’s resolutions.  Those 9% of people drill in to their goals and celebrate the baby steps that got them there.

Instead of a New Years resolution, why not make a January resolution? Something smaller and more manageable that will give you the satisfaction of accomplishment. Maybe this will be the month when you check-in to the gym 3x each week instead of 1 or 2. Maybe this will be the month that you commit to the nutrition challenge and learn about healthy eating for 28 days that will help you learn your body and to support healthy eating choices for the rest of the year.  

For some of you, even committing to something a month long sounds daunting or impossible. What if you tried for one day? Or one week? Try increasing your water intake by substituting water or tea instead of soda or other sugary or fake sugary drinks like Diet Coke and Sugar free Redbull.  This is a great small first-step where you will see changes in your body in a short time. 


Follow this formula when choosing your goal:

All goals should be SMART!

Goal: I will check in to the gym for the 5:30pm class 3 times each week for the month of January.

Specific -  I will check in to CFA 3x each week in January

Measurable – I should have 15 check-ins during the 5 weeks in January

Attainable – I can come Monday, Wednesday and Friday to the 5:30pm class

Realistic – I am already going to the gym 2x each week, so I’m only adding 1 more day each week. 

Time-sensitive – Month of January

 Here are five ways to keep any goal you set:

1.     Share it with those around you who will be supportive. Simply saying it aloud or posting it online gives you accountability.

2.     Leave yourself words of encouragement regarding this goal in places you will see it often. If your goal is around healthy food choices, try a post-it note on your fridge.  This step solves two problems, it encourages you through your day and it helps you stay focused on your goal.

3.     Only set one small goal around one behavior at a time. Don’t start eating healthy, spending more quality time with your family, sleeping nine hours each night, removing toxins from your home, and going back to school all at the same time. Instead bite off only what is manageable. You can always slowly add more goals as your behaviors transform!

4.     Don’t be hard on yourself if you mess up. Only a very small percentage of the human population can accomplish a goal the first time they try. For the rest of us it takes a couple slip-ups before we propel forward and achieve our goals.

5.     Ask for help. It is brave and admirable to make changes in your health routines. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. The coaches at CrossFit Ampersand are here for you as well as people in your classes. You can also take coaching and accountability up another step by talking to our Health Coach Elizabeth, to really drill into your intrinsic motivations, character strengths and help you achieve even more than you could do alone.

Book a Goal Setting Session with one of OUR Coaches and let us help you set your SMART Goals!

Meet Elizabeth, our Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach!


Welcoming Elizabeth to the Team!

Hey everyone! We are excited to announce and welcome Elizabeth Grimm to the Ampersand team! Elizabeth is a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach from Reno, Nevada. Her interest in health and wellness coaching grew after overcoming her own health issues and specializes in focusing on the whole person in their journey to over all wellness! She is passionate about working with clients on practical ways they can make lifestyle changes to reclaim their health, which allows us at Ampersand to see the whole picture of your health and fitness! Elizabeth shares not only our passion of fitness, but even more our passion in creating a great community by serving great people!

 We are pleased to host a Facebook live interview/Q&A with her on 05/24/18 at 7:00pm. We encourage you to read her story and get to know her a little first, and make sure to tune in!

Elizabeth's Story

From the age of 14, I started having bizarre neurological symptoms. I went from doctor to doctor trying to figure out what was wrong with me, but it took me 8 years to get an answer.

I was finally told I have Lyme disease.

I went on to find a Lyme literate medical doctor who successfully treated me for about 4.5 years.

After my treatment with him, I was told to "be free and fly" but I still had major issues with my immune system. I had worked so hard to complete my treatment but I was missing something.


I had spent over four years confined to my house doing my Lyme treatment so constantly catching every cold or stomach bug was not okay with me. I sought out a new doctor to help me with my immune system. I found a clinic in Reno, Nevada that specialized in Functional Medicine and Chiropractic Neurology. I was hooked! I couldn’t believe the transformation I experienced and those around me were experiencing!

I wish I would have found a Functional Medicine doctor before beginning my Lyme treatment. I believe I would have saved so much time and money if I had worked on making my body strong first by focusing on the root components of health like diet, stress, sleep, elimination, movement, etc. Treating my body with the bug killers would have been much easier if I had been in a stronger state to begin with.

After following the protocol from my Functional Medicine doctor, I was no longer at the mercy of my body...I was in control! As long as I ate well, slept enough and kept my stress down I was nearly unstoppable. I now I help others figure out this balance so they can achieve optimum health too!

What is Functional Medicine?

With functional medicine, we seek to know the reasons behind the condition you are experiencing. We look at your bodies fundamentals like your sleep, stress, relationships, movement and food choices. When we make changes to our root issues many times other conditions in the body improve. As a coach, I cannot diagnose or treat you but I can partner with you as you make changes to your body to improve the roots of your health and provide guidance along the way! 

My Coaching Style


I believe you are wonderful. As your coach I want you to know I believe in you and see the good in you. I look at you as a whole person, not a diagnosis or problem. I know you try very hard and want to make good choices for your health. Sometimes it takes someone to be with you through the process of making a change to help hold you accountable and empower you to achieve things you never thought were possible.

Let me be a mountain guide for you and we will work on whatever the mountain is in your life (decreasing stress, eating better, becoming more active, following your doctor's recommendations, sleeping better, adjusting to a cleaner lifestyle, etc.).

I work with people who are ready to make a change or want to continue on their journey to sustainable health. I love involving your doctor to help you achieve optimal wellness for you given your unique circumstances and diagnosis.

Looking forward to meeting you all! 

- Elizabeth

Read more about Elizabeth at her website, and don't miss us going live May 24th at 7pm, so you can ask questions and get to know her! 

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